is run by Gillian Lund, a Sports Therapist based in Ryedale, North Yorkshire who is available for club and athlete support as well as sporting events and challenges.  Gillian believes that a practical, evidence-based approach to sports therapy is best.  No two people are alike so you will receive a tailor-made treatment and a comprehensive rehab programme to aid your recovery and help you get back to peak performance pain free.

Meet Gillian

Gillian Lund Sports Therapist
Gillian Lund Fit For Adventure Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation
Fit for Adventure with Gillian Lund
Gillian badly broke her ankle in 2019 she snapped off the bottom of her fibula and shattered bones around her ankle joint leaving it out of alignment and twisted.

So, Gillian, the name behind the logo and name. For as long as I can remember sport, fitness and physical activity have been a big and important part of my life. As a child I could never sit still and was always running and playing, my parents let me enjoy different sports from Swimming to Gymnastics, Dance to Netball and Athletics to riding a bike. I loved it all……and still do, it’s my passion and what puts a smile on my face.

Focusing on helping others

Whilst I certainly don’t do everything anymore I still do a lot. Bouldering and Climbing all over the country and abroad or Walking and Mountaineering. I enjoy spinning my legs on my road bike – especially when the sun is out and there is a good cafe stop and sending my mountain bike downhill on techy singletrack lines with roots, rocks and drops – I never thought I was brave enough to do this until a friend convinced to try Innerleithen on a ladies ‘She Sends’ uplift weekend with Adrenalin Uplift and since the first one they ran I haven’t looked back, you will find me with my biggest smile when I’m doing this.

A normal week involves Pilates and PT with Gemma Richardson based near Harome and Bouldering at Red Goat in York with a few other bits thrown in for good measure. 

Why now?

So, why now and why Clinical Sports Therapy…..why not?! The simple answer is that I love being active and want everyone else to enjoy an active life full, competitive or recreational that is full of adventure and fun but most importantly to be able to do it pain free.

My own experience with injury

I haven’t been lucky enough to be pain and injury free in my sporting life, who has? Badly sprained ankles, a displaced angular fracture above my elbow, and a ruptured ACL and most recently, in April 2019, a really bad ankle break where I snapped off the bottom of my fibula and shattered bones around my ankle joint leaving it out of alignment and twisted, resulting in a 10 day stay in York Hospital and Hook Plate ORIF surgery, weeks of non weight bearing and crutches and all the rehab that goes with it.

Following my dream

My degree was a BSc Hons in Sport and Exercise Science where I did my elective modules in biomechanics and rehabilitation, where I could, and I had once thought I would be a physiotherapist but things happen and other paths had to be taken but now I have the chance to follow my dream and Clinical Sports Therapy ticks all the boxes!

It combines everything I have a passion for – sport, how the body works, people and flexibility and the best bit….. I know how it works. I believe in it and I want to help, inspire and motivate you.