Project Description


Mat based and Clinical Pilates (Small group 6 max and 1-2-1) -I know some people don’t have great thoughts when they hear that word and wonder how it can really help and think that it is just stretching but it is so much MORE.


It is MORE than stretching, it is about;

Breathing – using everything we were given to breathe effectively the diaphragm, fascia, pelvic floor and using our breath to assist and improve movement.

Stabilisation – Creating a stable platform from which we can move with confidence looking at the shoulder girdle, rib cage, hips, lumbar spine and pelvic girdle.

Mobilisation – This incorporates our joints and muscles, getting them to work in alignment in all planes.

Articulation – This is about the spine and being able to have spinal movement in all planes

It is about connecting all these different elements and adding in control, precision and concentration.

Fit for Adventure Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation