An appointment with Fit for Adventure you will receive a full consultation, postural assessment, treatment and tailor-made corrective programme.


Whether you compete, or just take part in sport and exercise to stay fit and healthy, being sidelined through injury is frustrating.   I am able to assess and treat sports injuries using a combination of hands on soft tissue and mobilisation techniques, and remedial exercises to get you back to feeling your best.  Regular sports massage and remedial treatments can also help to spot potential problems and help prevent injury issues.


The techniques I use are not just beneficial to sports people.  The way we live and the activities we undertake in our daily lives, including our jobs, can lead to aches, pains and muscle imbalances.  I can assess your posture and use techniques to help reduce pain and realign the body and make you feel more supple again.

Treatments available

How can I help?

Are you feeling achy, tight or suffering with restricted movement?

Do you need functional kinesiology taping to provide support, lessen pain and help to reduce swelling whilst you still workout and train?

Is your performance suffering because of a reoccurring issue?

Myofascia release, soft tissue mobilisation and trigger point techniques followed by a deep tissue massage and soft tissue release will alleviate tightness, increase mobility, rebalance overactive / underactive muscles and get you back training and feeling better!